About Us

HelloArt.co.za is a website dedicated to art & design, showcasing the creative energy and talents of Southern Africa’s artists and designers.
This digital platform provides a network and portal in which enthusiasts and investors can browse and buy, and the galleries & artists in can open their doors to the market locally and worldwide.

Advantages to Art Galleries

The website allows Art Galleries is a unique platform to promote their establishment and provide information about the art, furniture, designs or sculptures they showcase.
The site aims to simplify and automate the maintenance and updating of the sites and exhibitions as much as possible.

Advantages to Artists

Artists are also able to manage their artworks independently and promote their work to potential buyers and galleries.

Advantages to Art Buyers and Collectors

Enthusiasts and potential buyers are able to browse art by style, medium, platform and a variety of other filters to assist them in finding artwork they find appealing.