Metallic Longhorn

Deziree Smith

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Deziree Smith
    Deziree was born in 1983 in the Industrial town of Vereening, Gauteng, South Africa.

    Pursuing her art career from an early age, she attended extra art classes in the evenings after school. Persistency paid off when she, along with six other youngsters, won a national art competition. The winners were awarded an extensive tour through the Eastern Cape, where they attended various art workshops. It was in this beautiful part of South Africa where the inspiration to capture the African soul on canvas was born. This passion for the Dark Continent, even survived the impressions of the Masters made when she toured Europe, with her art class in 1999.

    Her family moved to Fish Hoek in Cape Town, the art capital of South Africa. Juggling between being a full time art student, and painting murals and portraits to pay for her studies, she was awarded a scholarship for her second year at Cape College, where she graduated. Whilst working for the infamous interior decorator, Ralph Krall, she did a course in interior design, creating the platform needed to launch her art career.

    After numerous visits abroad to paint private collections, Deziree’s paintings live on in England, Holland, Spain, France, Germany, Bahamas and in the USA. Ultimately, her goal remains to paint and exhibit her own creation.

    Inspired by the mystery and luminous beauty of the African woman, her first genre was created. With semi-realism and vivid colours, her style is distinctive. Dark skin, tribal costumes and ominous eyes all beat down on canvas capturing the rhythm of Africa. Deziree’s “African Women” seduce the walls of famous luxury hotels in Hermanus, Franschoek, and the Kruger National Park in South Africa.

    With immense concern, Deziree fights with passion to raise awareness for the Rhino's plight and that of other endangered animals. Motivated by this cause, her recent work “From the Ashes” mirrors the mood of this endless battle between civilization and the natural world. Bright and crisp colours clashing with more subtle shades illustrate celestial maps, whimsical animals, tribal myths and ancient aircraft, worlds apart yet ever entwined. The dominant presence of the mortal element represents humanity, custodian of the world.

    Deziree is presently living her dream, painting full time in her studio in Fishoek, Cape Town.

Metallic Longhorn

by Deziree Smith

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