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by Daniel Janse Van Rensburg

MYTHOLOGY: Dionysus. the Legend of the Golden Mule and the ritual of the rose. The mythical motif of “riding on a donkey” is often taken as a sign of humility. The donkey was also a common symbol of the lower “animal” nature in the Greek Mysteries of Dionysus. Lucius Apuleius wrote a story called The Golden Ass, which was an allegorical tale of initiation. The plot revolves around the protagonist's curi- osity and insatiable desire to see and practice magic. While trying to perform a spell to transform into a bird, he is accidentally transformed into an ass. This leads to a long journey, literal and metaphorical- ly. He finally finds salvation through the intervention of the goddess Isis and the ritual of the rose. At his final initiation he is transformed back into a human being. This story is symbolic of the initiate being overcome by his lower nature and then, through initiation into the Mysteries, rediscovering his true identity. MYTHOLOGY: Tree of the knowledge of good and evil, Tree of Life. Forbidden fruit or forbidden knowledge is associated with Sacred and secret knowledge. Many ancient cultures and world religions had keepers of spiritual wisdom. These secret orders guarded knowledge for the privilege of a very se- lect few. In a new wave of awakening contemporary scholars and seekers explore hidden secrets. The work is a manifestation of a transpersonal experience, an encounter with the seat of the soul. Di- vine love enters the body through the Soul Star chakra.

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