David Kuijers

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Hermanus, Western Cape


Painting; Contemporary Art

Mixed media

Reverse Glass
David Kuijers
    At this mid-career stage of my life, priorities and motivations are shifting, altering the approach and content of my paintings. I am even less concerned than before about presenting myself in a good light to others by making paintings that, in style or content, fall into the categories of real or serious art.

    Art making is a highly pleasurable pursuit for me, a compulsive obsessive disorder that I am delighted to have. It allows me to become more playful and bold, cutting out the world, and to slip away between canvas (or glass) and escape to a reality that is not responsibility-ridden.

    The seemingly arbitrary subject matter like a cat’s thoughts on dogs (and I have a cat that has been my constant companion and studio fixture for the past eight years) becomes the fiber of life - a child’s excitement at catching a two-inch fish. Through art I can again as an adult, share those unadulterated emotions for a while, go into creative free-fall – until of course the washing machine breaks. Yet, I can and will always get back to it, being in the fortunate position that saying “I have to work now” is the same as “Can I go play now?” I am licensed to escape, but I think the paintings themselves reflect this and pass a bit of that on to those who buy them.


by David Kuijers

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