River of gold

Marleen Visser

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Cape Town, Western Cape

Pencil Drawing, Watercolour
Marleen Visser
    Marleen (Paddy) Visser, one of the Cape Town artists residing in Hout Bay.

    Passion. Diversity. Optimism. These are but a few of the words that art enthusiasts have used to describe Pretoria born artist Marleen Visser’s works.
    Exhibitions, Exposure and Experiences

    Marleen has had three solo exhibitions, and participated in numerous group exhibitions alongside other acclaimed artists. Galleries include the Aleta Michaeletos Gallery, the gallery of the South African Association of Arts and the East London Art Museum, among others. In addition, Marleen’s work was featured in a book entitled “Contemporary Artists of Pretoria”.

    She has since been specialising mainly in illustrating children’s books, working for most of the established publishers in South Africa. “Fine Art painting still remains my passion as well as performing as a professional musician.”

    Marleen’s art and her faith are intertwined … her greatest desire is to share her relationship with her Creator, through her art. Inspired by the presence and character of God , she endeavours to express her experiences of His infinite wisdom.. “My work is a reflection in flowing lines and colour of the songs in my heart.”

    Solitary figures in her art portray man’s intimate, personal relationship with his Maker. Other recurrent themes include birds and trees. The former signifies the soaring spirit; unfettered by human limitations in the eyes of God. The latter depicts life on earth … life which is nourished by the spirit, from root to tip. Realism is combined with surrealism. Aspiration is depicted, time and again, by soaring birds, trees reaching to the heavens, and figures stretching towards an unseen goal. Each presentation is subtle, pregnant with interpretation requiring more than mere superficial contemplation.

    Marleen has a great love of scuba diving and sailing – exploring the ocean depths and therefore the sea features strongly in her work.

    Marleen enjoys exploring different mediums. “Each medium seems to have a voice of its own,” she explains. Mediums used are watercolours, acrylics, oils, airbrushing, pastels, pencils, pens, a variety of mixed mediums and painting on computer (using a digitising pen).

    Having moved to Houtbay in 2011, she is now greatly inspired by the beauty of her surroundings and discovering new creative energy .

River of gold

by Marleen Visser

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