artEC (formerly EPSAC) is a non profit organisation and Community Art Centre, set up for the advancement of the Visual Arts and Art Craftsmanship by working to uplift the arts in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, helping artists and encouraging a public interest in the arts.

We have undergone ambitious changes to reposition artEC as a society which is relevant to all members of the art and craft community, and to raise the standards of art, both in PE and the rest of the Eastern Cape.

In order to achieve this, we have renovated and updated the gallery, to provide a suitable space for our activities
We have forged stronger ties with the educational bodies, from schools to tertiary institutions.
We have entered into strategic partnerships with other major players in the local and national arts, in order to create a strong and united voice for our artists.
We hold open exhibitions throughout the year, giving an opportunity for less established artists to participate.
We are actively networking with township and rural artists, to establish their particular needs and have evolved programmes to help where we can, providing a venue, training, exhibition opportunities, publicity etc as needed.
We have embarked on a structured programme of workshops at the gallery, and also to present evening talks by high profile speakers on topics that would be of general interest to anyone interested in the Arts

In this way we strive to provide a balanced programme to fulfil our mandate to nurture and promote all forms of art and craft in the Eastern Cape Region.

We aspire to;

Be the first “art home” for students and emerging artists
Be a place for part time or hobby artists and art lovers
Create opportunities for hands-on learning, mentorship and internship.

We achieve our goals by;

Providing modern and well run gallery spaces
Providing several “open exhibition” opportunities each year
Sponsoring exhibitions for economically disadvantaged artists or groups
Holding workshops, public lectures and poetry performances etc