THE ART CONNECTION” sources artworks of the highest standard from both established and emerging artists and  offers these works for sale on the website in addition to curating art at various venues in and around Cape Town.

Artworks can be couriered worldwide.

“Art is that in which the hand, the eye, and the heart of man come together.” Ruskin.

Buying art is not always easy, so finding the right piece at the right price is indeed a treasured find. Taste comes in many shapes and sizes, so wouldn’t it be great to be able to purchase affordable and carefully selected artworks by various artists on a variety of topics in all colours, styles and sizes imaginable that guarantees something for everyone.

“THE ART CONNECTION”, a refreshing addition to the art world operating from Cape Town, represents a large portfolio of some of the best artists in Cape Town and other Provinces, invites you to view  its treasure-trove of exciting yet affordable local artworks, each of which has been sourced and carefully selected. These works, by both emerging and established artists and some “yet to be discovered” but undoubtedly exceptionally talented lesser known artists, are guaranteed to please and offer something for everyone, irrespective of your budget.

“The Art Connection” curates the art gallery at the 5-star – BAY HOTEL, 69 Victoria Road, Camps Bay,  where a selection of the artists’ work can be viewed and purchased.